Michigan not sold on Waukesha’s water application

The Biz Times, April 1, 2016
Author: Arthur Thomas

Michigan’s technical review was submitted by a March 22 deadline, but the report’s authors said they have not reached a final conclusion.

“The state of Michigan continues to seek clarity from the State of Wisconsin and the applicant and awaits a response to its third round of questions,” the review says.

Waukesha is seeking water for not only the city, but a potential expanded service area that includes portions of the towns of Waukesha, Genesee and Delafield and the City of Pewaukee. Waukesha and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources say that service area is required under state law, but the Michigan review raised questions about whether it meets the requirements of the compact.

“The city of Waukesha has demonstrated that Waukesha and the area it currently serves is without adequate supplies of potable water, but the remainder of the proposed water supply service area has not,” the report says.