As the world’s largest freshwater ecosystem, the Great Lakes are a national treasure. They house 20 percent of all freshwater on the surface of the planet, provide drinking water to 40 million people, create habitat for 3,500 species of plants and animals, and support a $4 billion sports fishing industry. 

The Great Lakes Compact was created to protect the Great Lakes as a vital economic and cultural resource. Experts from all over the Great Lakes region have spent over 30 years working together to craft and ultimately ratify a good-faith agreement that serves to protect our Great Lakes for future generations. 

Waukesha’s request to divert water outside of the Great Lakes basin is the first time the Great Lakes Compact is being put to the test in how well it will protect our Great Lakes now and in the future. The Compact Implementation Coalition believes it’s vital Wisconsin make the smart decision in refusing Waukesha’s request for water and lead our region in protecting our Great Lakes.