Attorney General Bill Schuette Questions Wisconsin City Proposal to Divert Great Lakes Water

Michigan News 26, April 1, 2016
Author: Jacob Owens

Schuette asks:

Waukesha plans to share the water with several neighboring communities, do these other communities also have the same lack of access to other sources like Waukesha?

Are there any alternatives that do not require diverting the Lake Michigan water?

Does the plan include a reasonable method of maximizing the return flow to Lake Michigan?

Does the plan ensure that there will be no significant adverse impact to the Great Lakes region?  For example, will it ensure that invasive species, such as viruses, are not transferred into the Great Lakes?

“The Great Lakes are one of the greatest resources not only for Michigan, but for the entire country,” said Schuette. “… Our Great Lake resources are far too important to allow a major disruption without intensive research and approval from all Great Lake states.”