The Compact Implementation Coalition, collectively representing tens of thousands of Wisconsinites, has a long history of working on the Great Lakes Compact. From ensuring the adoption and implementation of a strong Great Lakes Compact to aiding the Department of Natural Resources in the promulgation of administrative rules to implement the Compact, we have passionately and consistently advocated for the strongest protections possible for the waters of the Great Lakes, in keeping with the spirit and the letter of the Compact.

Our mission since the legal adoption of the Great Lakes Compact in 2008 has been to ensure a thorough legal, economic, environmental and public review of new applications for out-of-basin diversions of Great Lakes waters under the Compact, in full recognition of the precedent-setting impacts of these first applications.  To that end, we will continue to insist on  adherence to the high standards set forth in the Great Lakes Compact.

The Compact Implementation Coalition continues to work with our Regional Partners and other organizations to  engage the public in the discussion about and determination of the great resources we share, to preserve and protect these vital resources for future generations to use and enjoy.

Coalition includes:

*Note - membership in the coalition does not mean endorsement of all actions or activities unless specifically noted.