Wisconsin city's water request gets chilly reception in Duluth

The Duluth Tribune, March 3, 2016
Author: Lisa Kaczke

Waukesha has refused to comply with water standards for decades, said Laurie Longtine, a Waukesha resident who grew up in Superior.

"For decades, Waukesha engaged in a legal battle with the (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) to avoid complying with the radium standard," she said. "Its newfound concern for the health and wellbeing of its residents seems a little too convenient."

Waukesha isn't asking for the water to fuel development, Duchniak said, pointing out that 85 percent of Waukesha already is developed. Its water service area is required by the state and it provides water to neighboring communities because of water quality issues, he said.

No one spoke in favor of letting Waukesha divert the water during the listening session, held by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. DNR Commissioner Tom Landwehr said the comments made Thursday will be used to inform Gov. Mark Dayton. Just one Great Lakes governor opposing it will derail Waukesha's application.

While Thursday's comments will only go to Dayton, residents can have their comments considered by the compact conference by emailing them tocomments@waukeshadiversion.org by March 14.