Waukesha searching for new water source

WTMJ-TV 4, February 17, 2016
Author: Pete Zervakis

“We don’t want water taken out and sent to other parts of the world, or even other parts of the country,” said Julie Ekman, Vice Chair of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin Water Resources Council.

Cheryl Nenn, with the organization Milwaukee Riverkeeper, said she doesn’t believe Waukesha has exhausted all of its options.

Nenn said she thinks the city should not get approval to use Lake Michigan water.

“The Great Lakes, although they’re vast, are not infinite,” Nenn said. “We know that only one percent of the Great Lakes are renewed every year through rain and snow melt.”

Nenn said Waukesha should consider removing the radium from its water supply through treatment, or else drill more wells into its shallow aquifer.