Great Lakes reps put Waukesha water plan under the microscope

Milwaukee Business Journal, February 17, 2016
Author: Sean Ryan

Much of the analysis in Waukesha’s application focuses on the city’s current service area, without performing different reviews of the need for water in the surrounding towns. That raised the question of whether it sets a bad precedent, and whether each municipality in the service area must individually justify its need for Lake Michigan water.

Trigger offered a hypothetical scenario to make his point.

“From the precedential standpoint, the next person comes in and says, ‘Well wait a minute, I’ve got a town of 5,000 and I’ve got a service area that serves 120,000. That other 115,000 people don’t have to make a demonstrated need because that’s the way you handled Waukesha,’ Trigger said. “That kind of thing is very troubling.”