Say no to water diversion

Say no to water diversion, Waukesha Freeman, August 22nd, 2015
Author: David Gennrich

To the editor: I must disagree with Shawn Reilly’s recent editorial on Aug. 18, 2015, that Lake Michigan water is the only reasonable source of water for the city of Waukesha. There are other alternatives that are both viable to provide safe drinking water to the residents and at a far more reasonable cost.

A valid engineering study shows that the cost to residents of the city to acquire Lake Michigan water is nearly double the cost of the alternative. Failure to look at this alternative will saddle each resident of Waukesha with an additional $2,000 bill to pay (approximately $6,000 per family). The cost savings that the consultant quoted are $154,000,000 total savings over the cost of diversion, divided by approximately 71,000 residents and approximately three persons per family.

How can you justify the additional cost? Isn’t this the same as a tax hike, which I presume you would be opposed to and would never bring up to your electorate? Taking $6,000 from every family does not make economic sense for the community. That money could be spent in local stores or used for retirement. Say NO to Lake Michigan water. The alternative can be accomplished in a shorter time than the diversion and can provide safe drinking water to Waukesha sooner rather than later.

David Gennrich