Ontario has 'number of concerns' with Wisconsin city's plan for Great Lakes

Friday, April 1, 2016
Author: Diana Mehta

"The Government of Ontario has identified a number of concerns relating to Wisconsin DNR's explanation of how Waukesha satisfies the 'straddling county' exception," wrote Jason Travers, director of the natural resources conservation policy branch at Ontario's ministry of natural resources.

The province also found that the potential impacts of the proposed diversion on Great Lakes water quantity had not been sufficiently assessed.

"Based on Ontario's analysis of the proposal, additional information regarding wastewater return flow and water quality discharge standards is required to evaluate aspects of the proposal," Travers said.

Waukesha's proposal has raised worries among American and Canadian communities around the Great Lakes, with a number of opponents warning that the diversion could set a dangerous precedent for other communities facing water shortages.