Commentary by state Rep. Cory Mason: In remembrance of Earth Day, remember environmental protection starts at home

The Racine Journal Times, April 24, 2016
Author: Wisconsin Representative Cory Mason

Waukesha also claims it needs Lake Michigan water because it cannot treat radium in its existing water supply. Yet Waukesha has made no effort to treat its radium in other ways, even though it is under a court order to treat its radium problem. The neighboring communities of Pewaukee and Brookfield, along with dozens of others around the state, are successfully treating radium without diverting water from the Great Lakes. Public health and environmental experts note that Waukesha’s plan has not demonstrated the safety of this plan for water users in Racine, nor whether the plan adequately preserves Lake Michigan’s water.

This summer, the eight Great Lakes governors will make a final decision on whether to approve Waukesha’s proposed diversion. Some have already voiced concerns about the diversion plan’s potential impact on Racine and communities around the Great Lakes region. This Earth Day, I urge residents of the Racine community to join me and many others in fighting against Waukesha’s ill-advised diversion plan. The future of Racine’s environment demands of all of us take action to defend the Root River and Lake Michigan.