Waukesha should bear costs associated with proposed return flow plan

Racine Journal Times, April 5, 2015
Author: Dr. Julie Kinzelman

This seems to be a rather sweeping comment, one that should be grounded in sound science. Any impacts to the Root River, and ultimately Lake Michigan, should be assessed using a robust monitoring program, which fundamentally requires the collection of sufficient data.

At present, there is no conditional monitoring requirement attached to the potential release of wastewater plant effluent to the Root River and, therefore, the statement that there will be no adverse impact cannot be assured. Previous studies at other locations along the Root River have shown that water quality becomes poorer at the point of wastewater effluent discharge and for some distance downstream. However, the current dischargers are releasing a much smaller amount of treated sewage than is proposed by the City of Waukesha. Without monitoring, we do not know what the extent of influence will be with respect to a variety of potential pollutants.