Waukesha water diversion proposal would be precedent setting, says Sierra Club rep

The Manitoulin Expositor, February 5, 2016
Author: Tom Sasvari

MANITOULIN—An official with the Sierra Club of Canada Great Lakes section and a local resident both agree that if the City of Waukesha, Wisconsin, gets approval on its petition for the diversion of Lake Michigan water, it would be a precedent setting case and will probably lead to many municipalities along the lake asking for the same in this precedent setting case. Meanwhile, the province of Ontario is encouraging residents to provide their input on the proposal.

“The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has also put out a notice for comment on this issue,” said Mary Muter, of the Sierra Club, late last week. We think this needs to go to public comment,” she said, pointing out “there are several environmental groups that are requesting a public meeting on this whole issue. And the province of Ontario itself has the right to comment on the proposal.”

“The Sierra Club feels this proposal would be precedent setting,” stated Ms. Muter. “Many other communities on the Great Lakes would want the same diversion rights.” The Sierra is calling for Ontario to release a position on the proposal.

“This (Waukesha) initiative has been going on ever since we’ve had the water level problems in Lake Huron,” stated Manitoulin resident Mike Wilton. “It’s been talked about for at least 10 years and is coming to light again.”