Waukesha makes its case for Lake Michigan water

WTMJ-TV 4, Febrhotuary 17, 2016
Author: Michelle Fiore

"It almost seems to me like you’ve implied a need but you haven’t stated it.  Communities in septic and well and you expect they’re gonna need it, that’s an implied need," said Daniel Injerd, Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

"We want to make sure that this important water resource is used sustainably now and into the future," said Peter Johnson, Great Lakes St. Lawrence River Water Resources Body Deputy Director.

The compact requires unanimous approval of the governors of each of the eight states, plus the leaders of two Canadian provinces. Waukesha is the first community outside the Great Lakes Basin to ask for a diversion of lake water under the 2008 Great Lakes Protection Compact.

“I don’t want to do something that in five years from now we’re gonna regret," said Injerd.