Waukesha Wisconsin Water Diversion—just say no.

The Manitoulin Expositor, February 10, 2016
Author: Expositor Staff

To the Expositor:

The Department of Natural Resources of the State of Wisconsin has approved the City of Waukesha’s request to divert 10.1 million gallons a day from Lake Michigan. The application has now been forwarded up and the premiers of Ontario and Quebec will have a say in this decision.

Ontarians have an opportunity to comment, right now, via email, mail or online at www.waukeshadiversion.org. After March 14, 2016 our comments will no longer be welcome.

The Government of Ontario will be holding an information session via webinar on Thursday, February 11 to provide interested stakeholders with background information on the Agreement and its provisions. If you are interested in participating in the webinar, please email mnrwaterpolicy@ontario.ca.