Circle of Blue: In Apparent Contradiction, Data Shows Waukesha’s Groundwater Levels Rising, Not Falling

In Apparent Contradiction, Data Shows Waukesha's Groundwater Levels Rising, Not Falling, August 1, 2014
Author: Kaye LaFond

In what appears to be a direct contradiction to the case that Waukesha, Wisconsin is making to end its reliance on a shrinking supply of groundwater and receive millions of gallons drawn from Lake Michigan, the city’s own data shows that water levels in its main aquifer are rising, not falling. The data, never before publicized, are likely to cloud Waukesha’s proposal to divert water from the Great Lakes and test the provisions of a six-year-old international water treaty. According to Dr. Doug Cherkauer, a hydrogeologist at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the data “is clearly showing that the water levels in the deep aquifer beneath Waukesha are rising and have been for some time.

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